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My great great grandmother didn't call herself a witch. She preferred
magickal practitioner. But, of course, a witch is what she was. She was
a devout Catholic who was highly skilled in Irish Folk Magick. My
cousin, who is also a professional tarot reader, has her Book of
Shadows (what she referred to as her "journal"). There are handwritten
spells and divination methods in that book from her father (my great
great great grandfather) and from her daughter (my great
grandmother)as well as hundreds of spells, divination methods and
natural healing remedies from her. My cousin has shared a special
Folk-Magick Fortune Method with me that was her own. I've decided
to play this fun fortune game with my clients. I've typed hundreds of
fortunes directly from her Magickal Book on to small cards and placed
them in a black bowl. When you order one, I will focus on your name,
reach in, grab a card and place the fortune straight into an envelope
without even reading it. Then I'll mail it to you! The fortune could give
you future perspective on an issue and could help you make a decision
or discover something brand new. It could also tell you a secret or give
you a warning. The words may seem vague because it's a general
fortune. But intuitively, it will picked for you for a reason - because of
something you need to see, feel or know. I'm NOT surprised that these
fortunes are extremely accurate!

Note: Fortune is one sentence.  
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