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Future predictions are not set in stone.  They are the most probable future
due to events being formed today, in the present, based on our emotions,
our abilities, our limitations and universal energy.  They are subject to
making your dreams become a reality, not a destiny written as law.  
Readings, no matter which type, should be used as tools of
self-improvement, perception and direction.  They should be used to create
action rather than inaction, to enhance self-control, self-confidence and
ability rather than self-doubt and surrender.  A reading should empower
you with determination, knowledge and awareness.  

An advantage to having a reading that primarily focuses on the future
is that you have an idea of where you want to take things.  This type of
perspective will aid you in making changes and decisions based on your
personal knowledge.  You could enhance the good and avoid the bad.  
This makes the reading exciting, interesting, and fun!  This is not
fortune-telling.  It shows possibly choices with full understanding
that the final outcome is in your hands and your hands alone.

We offer an in-depth, month-by-month reading starting with this month
and proceeding one year into the future.  I use special Tea Leaf Cards for
each month with a Tarot support spread.  Each month will be outlined
and detailed.  I will also show you seven key life issues that may arise in
the next year.  This is in an additional feature.  Your options will be
presented so you could make great decisions to come!  Again, this reading
does not predict the future but gives you strong, real options, perspective
and insight to make the right choices for yourself.  And six life points are
included as well.

Your results will be emailed to you.  In addition to having them emailed,
you may also opt to have them "personally published" by beautiful, fantasy
parchment or linen paper, sent to you via postal mail!!

This reading takes an entire day to perform.  Normal turn-around is
between 3 to 10 business days, but it could be longer depending upon how
many bookings are ahead of yours.  We'll let you know when to expect
Emergency Service Available! For this particular reading, Emergency
Service is within 72 Hours (usually completed within 48 hours), excluding
weekends and holiday breaks.  Any Emergency reading orders received on a
(business) Friday will be read and sent within 72 hours of the following
business day.

No scripts EVER!  The reading takes six full hours to complete.
Every reading performed from scratch and totals up to 3,000
words in length!

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