Our gorgeous Victorian hand mirrors and magically consecrated,
spiritually blessed and personally charged for the lady who wishes to
radiate charm, seduction, passion and beauty to others through her face,
eyes, hair and body.  You could very easily be amazed by attraction from
the opposite sex, compliments and envy from the same sex. Relentless,
remarkable attention from every direction.  

The mirror we are currently using is gold with hand-placed, high-quality
European crystals to draw extreme energy.  This is considered a piece of
fine jewelry and should be handled and cared for as such.

Stare at yourself through the looking glass, recite your customized spell
and shine with undeniable magical beauty for 24 hours.  Repeat the
process as desired.  As long as you own the mirror, the magic will be

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The Mirror above is approximately 9x3.5 and 10 oz.

Package Includes:

One Enchanted Beauty Mirror®
Fine-Quality Box
Laced Parchment Scroll with Spell & Instructions

Rates vary according to donations and specials.
email us for current rate.  Usual rates are $500 and up.

(Magick Mirror Sample Above.  This is what we are currently using.  
However, designs are subject to change without notice. All Are

Works Like Magic!!

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