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Dusting our art on to the pages of a rustic literary magazine.
Submissions ~
Topics that don't have a voice in the mainstream world
certainly have a voice here.  If you have something to
share, we'd love to hear from you!

Freelance submissions are for the following:

Modern Magick - Including divination, spells, potions,
familiars, traditions, high & low magick, symbolism, dreams,
etc.  Everything and anything related to the magick we
practice today.

Spirituality & Religion - Christianity, Christian
Spirituality, Christian Magick,  Native Religions of Europe
(Historic), Modern European Paganism, Pagan Magick,
history relating to both Christianity and European Paganism.

Folklore - American, Canadian, & European lore, folk
magick, customs, traditions, legends, supernatural
creatures, mystical animals, etc.  

Dark Love & Romance - Articles, essays, and stories
relating to happy love, sad love, dark love, and deep

Fiction - Mostly dark fantasy, with some romance,
steampunk, and a little bit of sci-fi.  

Poetry -  Rhyming dark narratives are strongly encouraged
but any type or length of poetry is welcome.

Artwork - Dark fantasy, fantastical, steampunk, and Gothic
is encouraged.

Word Count - We don't have strict rules on word count.  
Most natural-born writers can adequately judge word count,
so we have no guidelines pertaining to this. Write something
and send it. If it needs cut down or added to, we'll let you

Limits - Send as many pieces as you'd like for consideration.
Simultaneous submissions are accepted but please inform
us immediately if your story is accepted elsewhere.  We don't
accept reprints from contributors. Original, unpublished
work only, please.

How To Submit - We accept electronic submissions. Please
send your submission to
Dust@MoonlightEnchantments.com, subject line:
Submission. Include your full name, pen name if applicable,
mailing address, and PayPal email address.  Please send
your material in Word attachment or in the body of an
email.  Regular font, 14 or 16 points. Send as many pieces as
you'd like.

Contract - Not really.  Just an email with you typing, yes,
yes, and no, along with your name and address.
 You will be
required to acknowledge a release allowing us to publish
your work and a verification stating it's original and
under no obligation.

Copyright - Writers and artist retain legal rights to their
work. Your work will have a byline.  We reserve the right to
do normal editing such as grammar, punctuation, sentence
structure, slightly shortening or lengthening material for
publication. Every issue is copyrighted with the United
States Library of Congress exactly how it appears.

Payment - We're on an extremely tight budget since this
project is in its infancy, and we're a small, independent
press. Therefore, payment is a copy of the issue your work
will appear in.  We will add a your website or social media
link if you'd like.  Your work will also be promoted through
the magazine via international platforms.

Contact - If we're able to use your work, you'll hear back
from us within four weeks. If not, we thank you for your
interest and hope you check back with us at a later date.

Questions?  Please email us at

Thank you!!
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