Rustic Literary Magazine
We'll be releasing quarterly this year.  The
next issue is our
Midsummer Issue.
Midsummer is traditionally a time of
magick and romance, so there will be a
little bit of both in the next issue. It will be
released June 12.  Here's what we have

Moody Moon (And Its Phases)
~ Midsummer Magick Lore
~ Fairy Tales: Mystical Story of Summer Fairies
~ Building Bridges: Christianity & Paganism –
Six Common Misconceptions
~ Battle Of The Oak & Holly Kings
~ The Bewitching Flirt: How To Draw Him In
~ Ethics Of Love Magick
~ Spiral Love Tarot Spread
~ Pendulum Divination
~ Romance Tea Potion To Induce Romantic   
~ Love Potion No. 9 – A Personal Recipe
~ In Your Dreams: Romantic Love
~ My Dreary Diary - Second Entry
~ My True Death (Poem)
~ Artwork
~ The Dusty End (Classifieds)
~ Editor's Note
~ Winner Of The Give-Away
~ New Give-Away Info

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June 12, 2018.
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