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Delila Devereux - Staff Writer

Delila is a devoted mother and grandmother.
She graduated top in the top one percent in
the country with a nursing degree.  She also
holds a Master's and Doctorate in Naturopathic
Medicine.  She's quite attuned to nature and
the spiritual world with an especially deep
connection to animals. She writes about
animals in this world and beyond.
Christopher Nolen - Co-Executive Editor/Artist

Christopher Nolen is a psychology student.  
He's also a professional writer, artist, and
photographer. He's won awards in Art, English
and Mathematics. He enjoys Anime, gaming,
working out, Savate, and collecting antique and
contemporary weapons and a variety of other
vintage items.
Christina Van Dusen - Regular Contributor

Christina is a practicing gray witch, tarotist,
artist and writer from Boston, Massachusetts.
She lives and works at home with her son,
Christian, and their three cats Dory, Jazz, and
Autumn Mist - Staff Writer

"Autumn Mist" is a pseudonym that started as
a magical name. It evolved into a pen
name/screen name about 15 years ago and
then “advanced” to a professional name.  
Autumn Mist chose that name based on the
song, Puff, The Magic Dragon, an old folk song
her mother sang to her when she was a little
girl.  Autumn Mist is a devoted mother,
professional tarotist & spiritual adviser, and an
award-winning poet/author. She's also the
owner of Moonlight Enchantments LLC.
Shaun Donnelly - Regular Contributor

Shaun is a devoted husband and father who
lives and works in England.  He holds a
graduate degree in history, and he currently
teaches World Religion and European History
at a local secondary school. He's also a
well-established freelance writer on the same
M.J. Pentrenko - Regular Contributor

M.J. recently retired after 30 years. Finally, he
is concentrating on his art and photography
full time.  
Nicoletta Nolen - Co-Executive Editor/Writer

Nicoletta is a devoted mother and a
professional, award-winning European folk
artist, writer & poet. She graduated college
with honors with a degree in business and
married shortly thereafter.  She's been
studying European History and World Religion
since she was old enough to read, and she’s
been writing stories since she was old enough
to write. Her poetry, fiction, and non-fiction
articles have been published world-wide.
Currently, she's focusing on writing books,
creating tarot decks, and working as a writer
and co-editor of Dust.

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Nikki Lynn Collins - Staff Writer

Nikki is a mystery . . . Just like her Dreary
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