Dreams tell a story . . . send a message . . . and allow us to
visit other worlds . . . all within our own minds . . . or is it?

I've created an unique method of dream interpretation after years of
studying my own dreams in detail.  So much is learned from
analyzing our dreams.  You could learn things about yourself that
you're currently unaware of.  Dreams are an intuitive way of
self-communication.  They are also a way for loved ones who have
passed to send messages.  And we could communicate to each other in
the living world through our dreams.  

An interactive Dream Reading will help you better understand each
and every dream you have.  It will also help you to use your dreams
in your waking life to your advantage.  I could teach you to control
your dreams and dream at will.  I could also show you how to tap
into the dream world of another person so the two of you may have
the same dream.  You could speak with dreams, not words, when
appropriate.  You will know yourself and others on a deeper, sound,
amazing way.

A Dream Reading is very calming and therapeutic on all levels -
emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.  You could rest
easier knowing that you're in control of sending messages, accepting
messages and able to fully understand everything being sent.

Live Specialty Readings Are Performed By Online Chat Session So
You May Keep A Copy Of The Transcript.  Each Session is 30 or 60

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