Starting winter 2018, we will be dusting our art on to the pages of a literary

This is a truly unique project that combines a casual, rustic magazine with
professional writing and art.  In other words, it's a weird, eclectic specialty
magazine in "folk zine format".  

The print copy is hand-created with hand-lettering on some stories. Every
issue is different.  

Some will be deep and soul searching, light and fun, dark and macabre,
seriously informative, and others - just random.  Most issues will be
subject-oriented, a few will be previews of an upcoming books with articles
or stories from it or relating to it, some will be short stories only or just
articles on the topic of romance, and yet others will be a bunch of things
thrown together.  But we promise you - great writing and fantastic folk
artwork and photography!  (More writing than art since it is a literary

Our focus will be Christian Magick, General Magick, European Paganism,
Tarot, Love & Romance, Folklore, Lots of Fiction (mostly high fantasy &
dark fantasy but other genres, too), Lots of Poetry, and much more!  Each
issue will be approximately 20 to 60 pages, color and black and white, and
full zine (not magazine) size.  We will address both Christianity and
Paganism in a positive way.   

With dust, we're not trying to win awards, get perfect reviews, or obtain a
million subscribers.  We like and respect our work and have a lot to say.  
So we're just putting it out there, and we hope you like it, too.  That's all
we're trying to accomplish.   

In January, we'll announce subscription information and let you know what
to expect from each issue from 2018.  Right now, we're taking pre-orders on
the first print issue.  (We will be doing both a digital and print but digital
will come later in the year.)   The first issue is scheduled for release winter
2018.   The exact date will be announced later.

The magazine ships worldwide!

Print U.S.
$7.99 Free shipping

Print Canada
$7.99 + $5 Shipping

Print Everywhere Else
$7.99 + $10 Shipping

(Original content of all issues is copyrighted through the u.s. Copyright
Office/Library of Congress.  No part of our magazine shall be copied or
redistributed without our written permission. All Rights Reserved.)
DUST Literary Magazine

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