Starting winter 2018, we will be dusting our art on to the pages
of a literary zine.  

This is a truly unique project that combines a casual, rustic
zine-style magazine with professional writing and art.

The print copy is hand-created with many artistic touches such
as hand-lettering and hand-drawn art. But it IS a literary zine so
the WORD is the main focus!  

Every issue is different.  

Deep and soul searching, light and fun, dark and macabre,
seriously informative, and - just random.  Some issues will be
theme-oriented such as magickal weight loss, children's fun,
poetry only, love & romance only, a chunky short story, a
preview of an upcoming book with excerpts from it - and so
on. Others will be a bunch of things thrown together or a
balance of topics.  We promise you - great writing and
fantastic folk artwork and photography!

The pieces are original, post or pre-published.

The major subjects are ~

Modern Magick - Covering divination, spells, potions, familiars,
traditions, high & low magick, symbolism, dreams, etc.  
Everything and anything related to the magick we practice

Spirituality & Religion - Focusing on Christianity, Christian
Spirituality, Christian Magick,  Native Religions of Europe
(Historic), Modern European Paganism, Pagan Magick, history
relating to both Christianity and European Paganism, and
building a bridge between the two religions.

Folklore - American, Canadian, & European lore, folk magick,
customs, traditions, legends, supernatural creatures, mystical
animals, etc.  

Dark Love & Romance - Articles, essays, and stories relating to
happy love, sad love, dark love, and deep romance.  

Fiction - Mostly dark fantasy, with some romance, steampunk,
and a little bit of sci-fi.  

Poetry - Mostly dark narrative poetry.  

These are the major subjects, and there are minor subjects,
too.  :)

Most zines are 16 to 40 pages in length (usually somewhere in
the middle).  However, some are shorter or longer depending
upon the content.  They will be a mix between color and
black & white, printed on high-quality paper, with a saddle
stitch binding.  We'll consider digital later in the year.

We ship worldwide.

We will be accepting advertisers and submissions.  Though
we're not dependent on either since our main focus will be
pleasing our readers with fascinating content (and we have A
LOT of it).    :)  

With Dust, we're not trying to win awards, get perfect reviews,
or obtain a million subscribers.  We like and respect our work
and have a lot to say.  So we're just putting it out there, and
we hope you like it, too.  

We're still trying to figure things out, so we'll post the schedule
and submission/advertisement info as soon as we do.

The tentative release date of the first issue is February 2.  

The zine ships worldwide!

Print U.S.
$8 Free shipping

Print Canada
$8 + $5 Shipping

Print Everywhere Else
$8 + $10 Shipping

(Content of all issues is copyrighted through the U.S. Copyright
Office/Library of Congress.  No part of our magazine shall be
copied or redistributed without our written permission. All
Rights Reserved.)

Please consider donating to our
small press.  Thank you!
Dust Zine