Magickal Boutique ®
Magic Body Mists
Part of our Magical Treasures line, our artisan, handmade body
mists project original magickal energy, boost an existing spell or may
be used solely to pour out energy towards a goal. Unique to other
mists, it's formulated with natural oils to nourish the skin. The
mists smell incredible and the scent is very long lasting!  However,
this is a mist so it is a light scent.  It is not heavy like a perfume.  If
you want a heavy perfume, please order one of our Liquid Magic
Potions.  These magickal mists are a special handmade, all-natural
blend infused with consecrated magickal energy, moonlight and

Choose From Seven ~

Sacred Romance®
For Romantic Love, to Find a Twin Flame, to Draw the Perfect
Mate, to Win Back a Lover, to Gain a Relationship or to Attract a
Specific Person

Midnight Delight®
For Seduction, Lust, Allure, Hot Desire, & Passion in an Existing
Relationship or to Gain One

Beads of Beauty®
A Beauty Glamour For Illusion, Attraction, Shadowing, and
Enhancing Your Appearance

Fancy Fortune®
For Success, Luck, Money Attractor, Wealth, Career & Business

Charlotte Rose®
Justice, Evening The Score, Binding, Banishments, Dark Magick,
Protection & Defense

Dream Destiny®
To Induce Dreams In Yourself & Others, Psychic Skills, High
Intuition, Clear Divination, Heighten Spell Energy, Draw The
Spiritual World, Attract Energy

Magic ManTM
Totally Customized For A Man.  Any Goal.

We also accept custom orders.
No item on this site factory manufactured!  
They are handmade to order!

All Natural & Cruelty-Free!

Note:  This item is listed in certain specialty boutiques in
Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.  Since every bottle is handmade
(no manufacturer), it may take a few extra days to be shipped
depending upon our order load.

Moonlight Enchantments Body Mists®
Created & Published by Moonlight Enchantments
Names © 2005 - 2017 Moonlight Enchantments LLC
Trademark/Patent/Registered ISBN: 9781937157155

$45 Per 8 oz. Bottle

Works Like Magic!!

If You Want A More Powerful Spell Potion With A Beautiful
European 24-Karat Gold & Crystal Perfume Bottle,
Please View Liquid Magic Perfume Potions.

For Powerful Magick,
Please View Our Entire
Divine Enchantments Line!

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Magic Body Mists