This doll is newer and part of the Dynasty Doll Collection.  Her name is Fleurette.  I bought her in
October 2016 in a magickal shoppe in Salem, Massachusetts.  She was the only doll in the shoppe, and
her "skill" is fascinating.  

The store employee told us the doll was dropped off at the shoppe one night and found the next
morning.  Video cams showed a young man leaving the doll.  A note was included.  It stated that the
doll brought him to his current lover, and he was so frightened of losing her because of all the
attention she was receiving from men as a result of this charm. The note explained that there was a
strong love enchantment placed upon the doll and it draws love, attention, desire, and perfect romance
to whoever possesses it.  

The owner and employees felt sweet love energy from this pretty doll.  Soon, the single employees met
mates and started healthy relationships.  The married employees and owner  felt a charge in their
marriages.  Something they've never felt before - sizzling and amazing! They realized the doll was
responsible for their improved love lives after she was sold and returned three times.  

The first time she was sold to an older lady who hadn't had a relationship for over 20 years.  Within
nine months of owning the doll, she was madly in love and married to a wonderful man.  She returned
the doll to the shoppe and asked that she be sold on consignment.  

The next lady who bought her lost her husband to another woman three years before.  Their divorce
was almost final when he dropped everything and returned back to her after she had the doll in her
home for exactly 90 days.  She quickly returned the doll to the shoppe in tears of joy stating she did
her job.  She wanted to spread love to others so she "put her back where she found her".  (It's a
magickal thing.)  

The next person who received a love punch was a teenage boy who bought the doll as a birthday
present for his mother.  He hide the doll in his room for two weeks before presenting it to his mother.  
Apparently, the boy was in an awkward stage and was having trouble with girls.  Not only could he
not find a girlfriend but he was mocked by girls as well.  When presenting the doll to his mother for
her birthday, he looked into the doll's eyes and felt an energy charge.  He suddenly gained the
confidence to call a beautiful girl and ask her out.  She accepted and he now has a girlfriend!  His
mother, being a witch in a happy relationship, exchanged the doll for other magickal supplies.  

And now she's with me because she's meant for you!

The stories above are all recent although there's no way for me to confirm them.  The last story just
happened September 2016.  

And, again, this is a retro early 20th Century doll (meaning newer but appears to be from the early
1900s).  I tried to find the exact year on her but couldn't.  She is probably around 20 years old which
would make her vintage though I'm not certain so I'm listing her as retro.
Love Charm Dynasty Doll
The doll was created from porcelain bisque parts,
hand painted, with high quality parts for her blonde
hair and blue eyes.  She's 14 inches, and she's
wearing a beautiful pale pink dress with lace, roses,
and ribbons.  Her bonnet is floppy in the front
(doesn't stand straight), and there are some stains
on the back (of the bonnet).  Her right shoe has a
small mark on it.  Please examine the pictures
carefully.  The doll is in good condition but is worn a
bit.  The original box and tags are included.  No

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