This is Anastasia.  She was a gift from a friend who collects antiques herself and knows I love dolls.
She picked her up at a doll shoppe in Maine.  She knows my favorite time period is the Victoria Era
and that's why she chose this doll.

She was presented to me in February 2016.  Her detailed history is unknown.  The only thing my
friend could tell me is that she's about 37 years old and had 3 owners prior to me.  One was a little
girl who had a traumatic childhood.  The name shoppe owner said her name is Anastasia - even though
the doll came in a Prestige Collection box with the name, Monique, stamped on the box.  I researched
and couldn't find a doll from that collection with the name, Monique.  Odd, since it's actually on the
box.  I think this doll is from another collection and regardless of the general name, this particular doll
is named Anastasia.

Upon holding her, I could feel her energy.  I collect dolls and none of my dolls felt like her.  All was
quiet until August.  That's when she woke up.  Many strange things directly relating to this doll have
happened from August 2016 until now.  

She "moves" from room to room and is found in strangely odd places - like a bathtub, closet in the
foyer, kitchen cabinet, or on top of the fridge.  My child's friends often stay the night.  One night, one
of them knocked on my bedroom door in a panic saying the doll was floating through the guest
bedroom.  A neighbor witnessed that, too.  He knocked on my front door and before I could get there,
noticed the doll floating down the hallway and ducking into a room.  Two other visiting relatives saw
it as well. I have her in my studio.  There have been electrical difficulties in that room since she's been
there with no explanation.  I hear singing in the morning before opening the door to come in.  I've also
seen movement from her from the corner of my eye but when I look over, she's still.  And she stares.  
I've put her in positions where she's looking straight ahead and a few minutes later, it seems as
though she turned to stare straight at me.

Though she's quite chilling, she doesn't have a malicious energy to her.  Highly active but not evil!  Let
me add, I don't think the doll is alive!  She is "possessed" with an energy though.  The energy feels to
be spiritual rather than earthly to me.  (Spiritual - from the spirit world - but not demonic.  Earthly -
from a human source - such as a magickal practitioner.)  My pets are not frightened of her like they are
the Ever-Changing Haunted Doll - although I don't find her evil either, but she's "louder".  I do ask
that you give Anastasia some time to become accustom to you and your home because the activity we're
experiencing now didn't happen until she was here for a while.  
Haunted Anastasia
The doll is porcelain about 22 inches, blonde hair,
blue eyes, wearing a beautiful Victorian dress with
pouch purse, pearls, and a hat.  There are no
stamps or markings on her that I can see.  Again,
she's about 37 years old, in good condition but the
dress looks a bit faded to me.  The hat moves on
her head which could be how she was made, or it
could be slightly damaged.  

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