Victorian Diamond-Cut Crystal Perfume Bottle - Fine Jewelry - One Available!

This gorgeous piece is old but doesn't appear to have been used.  It was given to me recently by my
cousin who told me that it was bequeathed to her by my great grandmother.  She believes it was
created in the Victorian Era and came from England where my great grandmother stopped from
Ireland on her way to America.  We have no other history on it, and quite frankly, I cannot prove the
claims my cousin made since as it's from second and third hand sources.  To me, it looks new (retro
Victorian) rather than 100 years old.  Also, it doesn't have a haunted or magickal history.  For those
two reasons the price is a bit lower than it would be if I had evidence of a more solid history.  The
piece is striking and it looks as though it's never been used.
Victorian Perfume Bottle
This beautiful bottle is extremely delicate, is
considered a fine piece, and should be used with
care.  I would NOT recommend putting oil into the
bottle because it may damage it.  Also, although it
appears to be new, the piece towards the top
seems to move if lifted.  I wouldn't consider it to be
damage because it could have been made that
way.  The bottle size is almost 4' in height and looks
like a 25 to 30 ml capacity.

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