This beautiful brass Christmas bell was created in 1932.  It's had 7 owners and lived in 5 countries
(Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, and the United States). It has a strange but welcomed feature.  
It's said to ring a warning within 24 hours of impending danger.  Each time, the alarm has given its
owners or their loved ones enough time to avoid the danger and find safety.  

In the years since its creation, it alerted its residents to dangerous weather approaching,
break-ins/home invasions, violence, theft, broken bones, home accidents, car accidents, fires, gas leaks,  
sickness, fights, and property damage.  If the person ignored the warning, the incident would occur
with them in the middle of it.  If they heeded the warning, a near-miss or tragic incident would occur,
but they were safe from harm.  How they heeded the warning was safeguarding themselves for a day
or two after hearing the bell ring.  They closely watched for signs that something was wrong or
avoided certain circumstances that could lead to trouble.  

When danger is approaching, the bell rings loudly, echoing through the house, without manipulation
of any kind.  Many of its owners believed an angel is attached to the bell especially since it's a
Christmas decoration.

If you're drawn to this bell, there could be a reason.  Heed the warning and buy it today!
Christmas Warning Bell
The bell is brass with a classic design for European
bells created during the 1930s and 40s.  It has a
holly design surrounding it.  The bell with handle
measures about 7 inches.  It's in good condition for
its age but has some imperfections.

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