I am selling this ring on behalf of a family member.

This is the most powerful ring I've ever encountered, and it's the most beautiful.  It's a vintage ring
rumored to be infused With Fairy Dust!  It's provided 20 Years Of Intense, Unrelenting Magick!

My dear family member tried to sell this ring once before but she couldn't bear to part with it!  Now
that she's had one final incredibly fascinating magickal experience with it (and she's drastically
reducing her jewelry collection) she realizes the time is right for it to move on.   

As far as we know, this ring is one-of-a-kind.  It was made especially for its original owner by a
powerful fairy witch practitioner in Europe.  The creator claimed to place "real fairy dust" into the
ring and said that's what caused its undeniable magickal properties.

The ring is set apart from others because it's said to "never fail" and project the most incredibly,
powerful, permanent magick,  It can be used for beauty, love, money, justice, blessings, protection,
intuition, revealing secret enemies and liars, anything that requires a boost or additional power - and
any other magickally realistic thing you can think of with little effort.  There's no guarantee it will
work this well for a new owner, of course, but it did for 20 years for its original owner.  And the
energy around the ring seems restless so it's run its course with my dear family member.  Yet, it's still
as powerful as ever!

This tool is what we refer to as a "permanent magickal charm" which means that it could continuously
project magickal energy towards several love goals. It's a tool to be used with caution and respect. It
can aid with spell work, divination, or simply a wish for a precise goal. It could be used again and

It's a secret charm disguised as a gorgeous ring. Bewitch yourself and those around you without saying
a word!
Fairy Dust Ring
extreme magick.  There are tiny stones on each side
of the large stone, and the band is sterling silver
dipped in 24K gold. It's a Size 6 and can be worn on
the finger or around the neck.

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