I am selling this ring on behalf of a family member.

This ring was owned by an older family member who was one of the most powerful witches in Ireland.
Upon receiving it, she infused it with very powerful LUCK magick and wore it on trips to Monaco.   
She was ravished with luck with the lottery and the gambling games. She gained enough riches buy a
castle in Europe along with helping her children and grandchildren achieve their goals.  She is now
modestly and happily retired . . . But her ring never failed her!  I agreed to sell this ring on behalf of
my cousin (the owner's son) so that others may benefit from the magick.

This tool is what we refer to as a "permanent magickal charm" which means that it should
continuously project magickal energy towards several luck goals. It's a tool to be used with caution
and respect.  It's for needed money - to help yourself or loved ones.  

It's a secret charm disguised as a gorgeous ring. Bewitch yourself and those around you without saying
a word!

A unique enchantment!!

If you're drawn to this ring, its meant to be yours.   
Citrine Magick Luck Ring
The stone is a citrine for extreme luck magick. There
are tiny stones on each side of the large stone, and
the band is made of gold overlay. It's a Size 6 and
can be worn on the finger or around the neck.

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