If you're truly a macabre fanatic, you might consider these shoes.  They belonged to killer, Marcy Mae
Wilcox.  Marcy Mae was born in the late 1940s so the shoes are close to 70 years old.  

Marcy Mae and her mother disappeared completely after she, at age of seven, killed two other children
while on vacation at the Black Sea.  The method was bludgeoning, and she confessed to her mother
who later told her father.  Two days later, Marcy and her mother left their vacation spot and nobody
has heard from them since.

Marcy's mother was French and her father was German.  They travelled extensively due to her father's
job so they were familiar with most of Europe, Canada, and the United States.  There are no clues
whatsoever as to where Marcy and her mother went.  There were no paper trail or sightings.  Some
speculated that Marcy's mother may have killed her daughter and then herself.

Marcy's father fell into a deep depression after this happened, and he abandoned his home and
belongings.  Before doing so, he gave away his daughter's belongings to a neighbor who had two little
girls.  She reported strange happenings after the belongings entered her house.  The mother thought it
was from the toys so she burned them but kept the clothing and shoes.  She put the shoes on her
youngest daughter twice, both times the child became enraged and hysterical until the shoes were
removed.  The mother decided to retire the shoes, tied them together and hung them in a closet.  The
older child insisted that Marcy Mae came to her nightly to play, and she didn't want her to visit
anymore.  She was terrified of Marcy, who, at this time, wasn't known to be dead. One day, the child
found the shoes hanging in the closet, ripped them apart, and threw them away.  But they came back.  
The next day, they were on their porch.  And this began the journey of the shoes (no pun intended).  

Every house they've entered has experienced ghostly encounters and strange events.  People have
reported seeing Marcy and her mother, hearing a child laugh, hearing a woman singing in French, as
well as items being moved from one place to another and items flying across the room.

I received the shoes from a personal friend who is a staunch antique collector.  She obtained them on a
trip to England. She loves children's items and seeks them out.  She's bought items in the past that
seemed to be haunted, and she doesn't scare easily.  But after having the shoes in her house for two
years without incident, activity suddenly became unbearable.  She told me that Marcy was under her
bed at night whispering in German, and she was terrified.  She saw visions of Marcy during the day as
well.  She felt touched, and her keys would go missing often.  Her dogs were unsettled, too.  
Constantly crying and barking at things my friend couldn't see.  After turning the shoes over to me,
the activity abruptly stopped.  We believe energy is tied directly to the shoes.

The shoes are now in a wooden box in our studio.  I'd prefer not to keep them long so I'm accepting
offers on them.  If you're into haunted things and you're drawn to these shoes (or if you just want to
try them on for size), they are meant for you.
Haunted Vintage Baby Shoes
These are classic white toddler shoes that were
popular during the 1940s through the 1960s.  
Although Marcy was European, the shoes may
have come from the United States or Canada.  They
may have been made in England, too.  (We're
assuming this from the precise style.)  They're worn
and dirty.  The shoe laces are broken, probably from
the little girl tearing them apart after finding them in
the closet.  

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