Benedicaria 99-Day
Candle Vigil
Magickal Boutique ®
This 99-Day Christian Candle Magick Vigil Is Inspired By
Benedicaria (Italian Magickal Catholicism) And Is For Any Issue!
Powerful, Uplifting, Intriguing & Exceptional. Authentic Candle

Candle Magick originated in Christianity (specifically, Catholicism).
If you research candle magick, you'll find that the original books on
the topic were written by Christian Magickal practitioners and
pre-date books from others on the subject. From the onset of the
Church, Christians have lit candles for their intentions. I was born,
raised and remain Catholic so I'm very familiar with the art &
practice of Candle Magick.

This listing is for a 99-day Candle Vigil. Absolutely any issue can
be addressed. Love, Romance, Family Matters, Justice, Court Cases,
Healing, Friendships, Job & Career, Finance, Money, Home,
Hauntings - Anything! A vigil is designed to slowly pour out
powerful energy to aid a situation or reach a goal. If a vigil is
performed on your behalf, you will receive results that are in the
best interest for your situation. The results may be what you desire,
or it may be something else . . . Something better.

I will use different candles on different days for an incredibly
intricate combination of candle magick. I will take 10 pictures of
your candles burning at different times and email them to you as
proof that I am performing your work for you. These will be
original pictures - never used before and never used again.

To perform the magick, I will need your name, the names of all
involved, your date of birth, pictures if possible, your precise goals
and a brief description of the situation and your email address.

$495 (Less than $5 per day)

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