This Angel Spell works on building energy levels towards three

Three entwined Angel Wish Spells can be cast over a 28 day period, each
during the proper moon phase for that particular wish.  
A professional spell is cast for you!  Also - for United States clients, a
magical package will be sent to you by postal mail along with
instructions.  No two packages are the same. For International clients,
email instructions will be sent to you!  No two sets of instructions are
the same.  This is a very personal process.  After proceeding with your
task, one by one, your wishes
should be granted.

The wishes could be unrelated but all must be for you. In
other words, you could wish for health, wealth and love,
but it must be for your own personal *health, wealth and
love and not on behalf of another.

Patience and faith are the keys that unlock the magical

This is a Specialty Spell so only one level is available!


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ISBN: 9781937156200

Energy Readings/Updates ~

**Energy Readings are optional and take between 30 to 45 minutes to perform.  
An Energy Reading ONLY reads on the spell energy but cannot "see" specifics
like a psychic reading can.  Therefore, Psychic Readings are totally, completely
different than Energy Readings and are a separate, optional service.  Energy
Updates are brief reports sent to the client regarding their spell work.  They are
extremely short by one or three sentences only.  
Some spell packages include
Energy Readings/Updates for a certain number of days.  
The number of days
included in your package starts three days after your spell series begins.  These
readings/reports are not automatically done and sent to you.  If you want one,
you must request it via Customer Care so it can be booked. If Energy
Readings/Updates are not included with your  spell package, you still may order
them.  If they are included with your package but have expired, you may also
order additional Updates.  The charge is $30 per report.

NOTE:  There are NO included energy updates with this particular spell
package.  If you'd like an energy update, please visit our
Enchanting Spell Parlor to order.

When Will The Spell Manifest?

Manifestation Time Relies Upon The Initial Energy In The Matter, Number Of
Obstacles Present At The Onset Of The Casting, The Level You Choose For Your
Situation, & State Of Mind Of The Client During Energy Workings!  
I cannot provide a time frame as to when your spell will manifest because spell
energy "jumps".  Since we are manipulating energy, it could happen any time.  
And a spell level that works very quickly for one person and his situation may be
slower moving for another person with a similar situation.  

Please Read More About The Spell Process At The
Enchanting Spell Parlor Page or FAQ page.

Proof of Spell Casting

We were the original and may be the only professional spell casters to offer
proof that your work has been performed by video, digital photos, and/or audio.  
It does not taint the spell process one bit.   Please read more
here.  It's an
optional service at no additional charge whatsoever.

Financial Breakdown Of Costs

We may be the only professional spell casters that offer you a breakdown of costs
for the money you spend on your spell package.  This includes the cost of
supplies, tools, handmade magickal items, time to create and cast your spell, and
any other applicable item(s) included in your spell package such as energy
readings, psychic readings, etc.  However, we cannot reveal certain tools and
supplies used in our professional spells so if you request a breakdown, there will
be some items marked "secret" with an amount next to it.  As each spell package
is customized and somewhat different than others, this is a personal breakdown
of your package alone.  Your break down may be similar to another but no two
are exactly the same.   The financial breakdown must be requested between 30
and 60 days after your spell purchase.  That way, Customer Care has a chance to
calculate all costs of your spell items as they are fresh in our pending records.  
No financial breakdowns will be provided longer than 60 days after your spell
purchase as invoices for supplies and time will be permanently filed in separate
categories, and it would be too time consuming for Customer Care to sort through
and track.  There is NO addition fee for this service.

After you place a spell order, please
Email Us with the full names of all
involved, your date of birth, pictures if possible and a brief description of the
situation along with your goals.

Your spell or spell series will begin within 10 days of receiving payment.  
Emergency Service is available which means your spell will begin within 24
hours.  An emergency fee will apply.

"Optional"  and "Upon Request" Services included with your spell package will
NOT be performed automatically.  They must be requested and booked according
to instructions.

For More Detailed Information About Our Spell Casting Process, Please
Visiting Our
Enchanting Spell Parlor.

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